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What exactly do your name a female whom wants earlier guys?

What exactly do your name a female whom wants earlier guys?

An excellent cougar is actually an older girl which usually times people whom tend to be more youthful than the woman is. The expression “cougar” has arrived becoming regarding the a particular kind of old woman: person who is of interest, pretty sure, and winning. This new cougar meme honors such old girls, and their power to notice and you can time more youthful guys.

There isn’t any one to decisive treatment for which question. Cougar memes may take numerous models, and it very hinges on what the blogger of meme is attempting to communicate. Although not, some popular cougar memes typically feature older ladies who is actually drawn in order to young males, otherwise humor about the age difference between an excellent cougar and her prey.

What is actually relationship an excellent cougar?

An effective cougar is a woman just who pursues more youthful men to have intimate or sexual relationships. The expression can be utilized for the a positive or bad ways, depending on the context.

It is very important remember that you will find a significant difference between a beneficial puma and you can a cougar. A good puma are regarded as a female around 40 whom favors younger guys, due to the fact cougar term is actually placed on ladies in its forties and 50s who search for young male friends that on least a decade younger and often half of their age.

What is actually a good puma lady

Puma is actually a phrase familiar with define a woman in her own 30s who loves to big date otherwise has intimate dating having younger males. The definition of PUMA looks not to ever be used when you look at the an effective derogatory way. Actually, they carries a meaning of your girl being aroused, if a tiny predatory.